Welfare measures

  • Rewards: year-end bonus / holiday gift / Labor Day bonus / birthday gift

  • Subsidies: wedding gift / maternity allowance / child education award and subsidy / travel subsidy / injury relief payment / death subsidy

  • Insurance: labor insurance / health insurance / employee group insurance / voluntary group insurance / business travel insurance

  • Systems: factory uniform / food stipend / performance bonus / proposal bonus / club activity

  • Equipment: nursing room / staff dorms / staff transportation vehicle / staff restaurant / gym / basketball court / library / special store

  • System of day-offs (vacations): pre-borrowed annual leave / paternity leave / family care leave / menstrual leave / nursing leave

Retirement system

The Company established the “Labor Pension Reserve Supervision Committee” in accordance with the Labor Standards Act, which monthly appropriates pension reserve into the account in Taiwan Bank; employees who meet retirement criteria may be distributed with the pension funds, of which the pension base is calculated according to the service years. The Company will reimburse the pension fund by 6% in accordance with laws and remit it into the personal account of an employee who satisfies the new system of retirement. In addition, the Company has also formulated the “Application Rules for Early Retirement of Employees”. Any qualified employees can be retired early if approved by the Company.