Management Policy

Quality Policy

Everlight Chemical realizes that world-class quality and customers’ satisfaction provide the foundation for sustainable development, we define Everlight Quality Policy as:

Customers Caring With Value Creation

And adopt the following strategies:

  1. Listening to the Voice Of Customers and understanding their real needs.
  2. Developing new products to increase customers’ values.
  3. Providing professional services to solve customers’ problems.
  4. Fact-based analysis and continuous process improvement.
  5. Managing hazardous substances and producing “green products”.
Quality Policy

Environmental Policy

Everlight Chemical acknowledges the importance of natural resource conservation and sustainable development. In response to environmental initiatives such as Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures, Net Zero Emissions, Renewable Energy, Green Chemistry, and Circular Economy, our Environmental Policy is:

Mitigate Environmental Risks,
Towards Ecological Sustainability.

We promise to:

  1. Establish ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, and implement continuous improvements.
  2. Consult with stakeholders on environmental issues of concern on a regular basis.
  3. Formulate, monitor, and achieve corporate environmental performance goals.
  4. Disclose environmental information periodically in compliance with relevant local and international regulations.
Environmental Policy

Safety and Health Policy

Everlight Chemical realizes that occupational safety and health are the foundation of business operations and the responsibility falls on all employees. We define Everlight Chemical Safety and Health Policy as:

Revere Life and Pursue Zero Incident

And adopt the following strategies:

  1. Establishing and continuously improving ISO 45001 Safety and Health Management System.
  2. Providing safe and healthy working conditions.
  3. Complying with legal and other requirements.
  4. Eliminating hazards and reducing OH&S risks.
  5. Facilitating OH&S consultation with and participation of workers.
Safety and Health Policy

Risk Management Policy

Everlight Chemical realizes that global situations suddenly changed. To reduce business management risks and maintain competitiveness, we define Everlight Risk Management Policy as:

Implementing Risk Management Ensuring Business Sustainability

And adopt the following strategies:

  1. Establishing risk management system.
  2. Strengthening all employees’ risk awareness by education and training.
  3. Discerning the business environment changes.
  4. Complying with international product safety regulations.
  5. Ensuring industrial safety and environmental protection.
Risk Management Policy

Business Continuity Management Policy

Everlight Chemical realizes that Business Continuity Management (BCM) is part of Corporate Risk Management System. To preserve stakeholders’ interests and corporate reputation, we define the Business Continuity Management Policy as:

Fulfilling Corporate Commitments Ensuring Business Sustainability
Scope: Everlight Chemical and 100% owned sales subsidiaries.


  1. Ensuring cash flow balance and financial sustainability.
  2. Uninterrupted supply of critical products.
  3. Enhancing the responding capacity to disruptive incidents.
  4. Minimizing potential business risks.
Business Continuity Management Policy

Intellectual Property Policy

Everlight Chemical realizes that the IP management is a critical element of competitiveness. To comply with the regulations, to respect the intellectual properties of others and to protect self-owned core technologies, we define Everlight Chemical Intellectual Property Policy as:

Compliance with IP Regulations and Protection of Intellectual Properties.

And adopt the following strategies:

  1. Establishing and continuously improving IP Management System.
  2. Integrating IP resources, and seizing the commercial values of IP’s.
  3. Enhancing IP awareness through communication & training.
Intellectual Property Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Everlight Chemical understands that in addition to profit generation, companies shall actively fulfill their social responsibilities. We define Everlight Chemical’s CSR Policy as:

Fulfilling Corporate Commitments Practicing Social Responsibilities

And adopt the following strategies:

  1. Commitment to Corporate Governance and balance among different stakeholders’ interests.
  2. Improving Eco-efficiency, minimizing environmental impacts.
  3. Facilitating social welfare activities and community developments.
  4. Implementing Character First® programs, enriching quality of life.
Corporate Social Responsibility Policy