Career Development

Educational training

The Company promotes employee character education in the long run. Based on character education, in management, the supervisors embrace the service spirit of “servant,” educate the staff full-heartedly and practice what they preach, in order to deepen the integration and cooperation of employees into the Company’s business philosophy and corporate culture. Based on job functional structure, Everlight Chemical conducts talent selection, talents education, talents exertion and performance management.

Working environment and employee personal safety protection and its implementation

The Company manages the corporation with the truth-love inspired by the Bible, shapes the working environment in which employees can exert their abilities, and motivates employees to achieve the mutual goals.

Adhering to the core values of decent management and love management, the Company holds gratitude worships every year to let employees feel a warm and grateful culture. The Company’s introduction of the project, “Character First,” has entered 23 years, which enables employees to cultivate good character in their work, in families and in lives and to regard character as the goal of lifelong learning.

The Company incorporates related regulations of Act of Gender Equality in Employment into the Work Rules and have reported to Taipei City Government for examination.

The company provides employees with a sense of security, belonging, and a sense of honor, sharing operating results, enriching the meaning of life and moving towards a happy enterprise.

The Company adheres to the safety and health policy of “Respect for Life, and Pursue Zero Disasters,” and implements the Vocational Safety and Hygiene Management System (OHSAS 18001) to ensure employee safety and company assets through the management spirit of Plan-Do-Check-Action (PDCA) cycle. Every factory of Everlight Chemical has obtained the certification of ISO 45001.

In order to provide a safe workplace, the Company has set vocational safety regulations and training methods, implements employee health checks every year, and regularly organizes emergency response drills and promotes zero-disaster activities, in order to prevent accidents and minimize occupational injuries.

In addition to holding safety and health committee meetings every quarter, each factory also holds safety and health propagations on monthly factory meetings to explain safety and health issues such as regulatory updates, common missing items, propaganda items and promotion plans, etc.

(1) Zero-disaster exercise
Introducing the concept of zero disasters. Every day before the start of construction, the job site supervisor will lead the colleagues to carry out health confirmation, response measures, identification calls, which increase the alertness of employees during their work and reduce mistakes in the work.

(2) Emergency response
Every year, self-defense firefighting training and drills and poisoning disaster drills are regularly held in accordance with laws and regulations. The Company also continuous to improve and hold irregular trainings to ensure that the Company can minimize disaster losses in any emergency.

(3) Monitoring of operation environment
The Company improves the working environment based on the characteristics of the job site, in order to provide a safe and comfortable working environment. To prevent occupational hazards and protect employees’ health, the Company teaches and requires workers to use personal protective equipment to reduce the exposed harm to an acceptable level.
The Company entrusts qualified institutions to carry out regular operation environment monitoring in accordance with the “Measures for Implementing Labor Operation Environmental Monitoring”. The monitoring contents are all in accordance with statutory requirements (about chemical and physical factors). The unit may also propose an assessment for operations with concern of hazards. If there is any abnormality in the monitoring results, corrections and improvements will be made to ensure the safety of employees.

(4) External training
In accordance with the “Occupational Safety and Health Education and Training Rules”, the personnel for special operations of the Company have completed safety and health education and training for special operations, and obtained operational qualification certificates/licenses. The Company actively dispatches staff to participate in business supervisor trainings related to occupational safety and health, and cultivates seed personnel to obtain relevant qualifications. The Company also actively participates in the Industrial Zone Safety and Health Promotion Association, letting the staff learn from the safety management experiences of other factories. For the management of the contractor, all contracting and outsourced personnel who enter the Company’s factory area must abide by the relevant safety and health regulations of the Company, in order to ensure the safety of the construction personnel. Under the continuous deepening of various business concepts, the Company’s corporate value has been significantly improved, which has also been positively recognized by all the staff and customers.