Corporate Sustainability

Everlight Chemical has published the “Corporate Social Responsibility Report” every year since 2012, revealing to the outside world the company’s commitment and achievements for sustainable development at all levels of economy, environment, and society.

Starting from 2020, in order to comply with the legal requirements of “Corporate Governance 3.0” and “Strengthen the ESG Information Disclosure of Listed Companies”, we had first changed the name of the publication to “Sustainability Report”

In 2021, Everlight had introduced external expert consultants to systematically organize and fully disclose the information on various ESG issues within the company. It will also be presented on the official website and the “2021 Sustainability Report” to be issued in June 2022.

In order to make it easier for stakeholders and the general public to obtain ESG information in 2021, we provide information on “Sustainable Environment”, “Social Responsibility”, “Corporate Governance”, “Sustainable Value”, and “Stakeholders and Material Topics” Internet links for your convenience.