Social Participation

Engagement in social welfare

Every year, at least 1% of the surplus after tax is paid back to society, which is mainly used in community education, social education, industrial development, and public welfare activities.

Category of activity Community (Taoyuan) Education and Activities University/Social Education Industrial Development Religious Public Benefit Activities Total Surplus after tax
Amount (in NTD 10,000) 142 125 17 62 346 1.6%

Promotion of children education

We held the “Discover Taiwan’s Little Life Warriors” activity, by which the needs of these children were seen. In 2019, there were 30 schoolchildren receiving recognition.

Character formation begins at school

In 2018, we again held the Everlight Chemical Children’s Character Camp at Shulin Elementary School in Guanyin District for three days. With forgiveness and moderation as the theme of the camp, we taught children to learn and cultivate character and morality with the right attitude. Everlight Chemical’s employees, their family members and volunteer groups, a total of 200 adults and children together continued the promotion of Everlight Chemical’s character activities.

Care for the environment

Everlight Chemical’s Plant II held Coastal Clean-Up Activities at south coast of Fulin River, Guanyin Beach and others on Sep. 12, 2020, 2018 to remove a lot of accumulated artificial waste and restore the coast to its original appearance.

Our colleagues and their families, about a hundred people enthusiastically participated in solid actions to support environmental protection and together protect the marine environment.
At the end of the Coastal Clean-Up Activity, a total of 300 kilograms of garbage were picked up. The fishing port was given back a clean beach.

Community care and feedback to the village

The impact of global climate change has produced extreme weather, which has caused the frequency of typhoons and rainfall in the flood season to hit new highs, causing great damage to the social environment. Based on humanitarian care and giving back to the community, the central and local forces joined hands with the country-wide flood control swearing ceremony. Everlight Chemical’s Plant II and the nearby Shulin Village signed a Memorandum of Cooperation to enhance the community’s disaster prevention capacity.

And also won the Prize for Honor of Flood Control issued by the Taoyuan Government.